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VESICA PISCES – The Mother Of All Form, Part 1 of 2

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Written by
JAIN 108

January 2010 Mullumbimby Creek, far north NSW
(of a 2 Part Series)(Originally written as a feature article for Renee Cashman
the Theme for the upcoming February issue 2010 being
“Mother Earth” or “Gaia”)

Visualize two circles side by side, not touching. This represents Duality, or Separation. But now visualize the union of the two circles such that the Centre of each is on the circumference of the Other. This is the Father-Mother Principle in Divine Union. Observe the oval geometry in the middle, known as the Vesica Piscis (or Vessel of the Fish) which resembles an almond shape or the shape of the human eye.

Fig 1
2 Circles merging to form the Vesica Piscis
(lit. in Latin, The Fishes Bladder). Xtians thus regarded this shape as most holy, and adopted it in many ecclesiastical seals.

The Vesica Piscis served as an appropriate symbol for the Yoni, vulva and represented the feminine creative force, the Mother-Spirit birthing gods and worlds. It also carried the meaning of the “seat of the female sexual power”.
It is often seen in medieval Christian art as a distinct frame around holy figures, and was called Mandorla (literally meaning “Almond”). Seen below in Fig 2c is Christ bordered by the Vesica Piscis shape, as if in the posture of being birthed.

Fig 2a                  Fig 2b                    Fig 2c
Mandorla or Vesica Frame around Christ,
seen in art and in the lead-lights of sacred architecture.
As a female form, in Sanskrit, it was referred to as
“Jagad Yoni” meaning the “Womb of the World”.

These 2-Dimensional line diagrams of VP are merely shadows so lets observe this in 3 dimensions, which is the true stance of Sacred Geometry. We need to view the two merging Circles as Spheres.
Here is a puzzle. How would you describe the 3-Dimensional view of this Vesica or Almond Shape? Here is a clue, and its something we’ve been kicking around for quite a few decades. The answer is The Rugby ball!

Fig 3
The Rugby Ball is the common or shared space
between two merging spheres where the circumference
of one sphere meets the centre of the other!

The Rugby Ball is indeed one of the most powerfully symbols in all of this Multi-Dimensional Language of Light.
This explains the bizarre global fascination for a game with billions of spectators who go into trance cheering the wild and unpredictable path of a bloated bladder ball, where everyone seeks bliss by participating in a cult that justifies the act of getting drunk, screaming praises and obscenities, perhaps no different than jungle behaviour thousands of years ago. I suspect that this is a healthy behaviour to tune out of our normal grind in society and work and release emotional pressures by venting at a ball game. This is Sacred Geometry at its best. (In Part 2 of this article, I will show you the other ball Sacred Geometry ball that is also being kicked around!). Really it�s a statement that sacred geometry exists invisibly in the mass consciousness. What is of interest here as that this 2-Dim vesica or 3-Dim rugby ball holds all the harmonic frequencies found in biology and crystal forms, known as the Root of 2 (1.4142�), the Root of 3 (1.732�), and the Root of 5 (2.2360�). We will look at this most important mathematics in Part 2 of this series.

Another example of where the 3-dim vesica piscis appears is in the word of bubles. Look at how two bubbles, ready to disintegrate, fuse into the vesica as a form of survival.

Fig 4a
The Fusion of two soap bubble spheres morphing
into the Vesica Piscis suggesting that this is Nature�s optimum
or most stable state before possible disintegration.

We are here to Copy and Comprehend Nature. Ultimately, the definition of Sacred Geometry can be found in the elegant and unique combinations of Sphere Packing, since the Sphere is the ultimate UFO craft or inter-dimensional space-craft MerKaBah or Vehicle of Light.
A simple and beautiful meditation is see the 2 circles as 2 spheres, one represents The All That Is or God-Goddess, and the other is You, the evolving ego, and allow them to Merge such that your Heart touches the Heart of God, therefore forming the 3-Dim VP. This way it is not an intellectual experience, but you are viewing this from the Inside, like a fly on the wall. A two dimensional Vesica Piscis drawing is therefore merely a shadow of the true 3-D form. By understanding the shift from 2-D to 3-D the neophyte can grok the reality of a 4th Dimension of Time.


Fig 4b
The 3-Dimensional view of the Flower of Life Pattern or Yantra
(image borrowed from the late Alton of Sydney, a sacred geometry teacher)

Did you realize too that the now famous design spreading around the world, The “Flower of Life� pattern, is simply a nest of many circles in this Vesica Piscis formation? The Flower of Life is simply the pluralistic tessellation or tiling or nesting of many Vesica Piscis. As another Healing Meditation, view yourSelf in the Centre of this Hologram and allow the surrounding geometry to be the perfected form of your Auric or Buddha field. This allows access to your divine Blueprint and wakes up the diseased organs to remember their Original Form; that is why Sacred Geometry is about Remembering Who You Truly Are.

From pagan times, the Vesica Piscis is best remembered as the image seen on the lid of the Chalice Well, in Glastonbury UK, for it sealed the entrance to the spring that flowed below, a source of healing waters guarded by the priestesses.
(See Footnote #1 at end of this Part 1 article)

Fig 5a
The Chalice Well of Glastonbury
is an ornately decorated Vesica Piscis

Fig 5b
The Vesica Piscis in the exquisite Arches of Gothic Architecture

The Vesica Piscis appears often in the exquisite arches of Gothic Architecture, appearing to capture the celestial proportions and anchoring it into the terrestrial realms. The reason why we feel so imbued with awe and beauty, when we gaze upon sacred architecture, is because it mirrors or reflects back to us the magnificence of the Divine Proportion within our own human canon, eg: the place where elbow bends, divides the arm into two sections 21:34 or 1:1.618� the Phi Ratio, which is identical to the mathematics of flowers like the sunflower floret which has 21 spirals going clockwise and 34 going anti-clockwise. We thus see or encounter God in the mirror of Bio-Architecture. It is in such places that we can have a peak experience.

Fig 6
Vesica Piscis used powerfully in Corporate Logos
(image of CBS logo  from the works of Michael Schneider, USA Sacred Geometry teacher)

Many of you will be familiar with this shape featuring as the principle design in corporate logos (Fig 6), as if to claim the ancient wisdom inherent in this anointed symbol to assist in hypnotizing the masses by the magic of its form that is already imprinted in the subconscious mind.

And last, but not least, in the invisible realms of sonic interference patterns, yet another tribute to the magic of the Omnipresent Vesica Piscis.

Fig 7
The Vesica Piscis seen as the meeting of two concentrically circular waves or sonic interference pattern.
(image from the works of Michael Schneider, USA Sacred Geometry teacher)

This is what is termed as a “psycho-active diagram� or Yantra or Power Art that conducts psychic essences, and is registered by your Higher Brain, and may not mean much to the reader now, but it is predicted that such powerfully engineered mathematics of electron and sub-atomic quark patterns will inspire the next generation of inquisitive students or Imagineers to apply this universal principle of Vesica Piscis in the Future Technologies, whether it be in circuit-boards, zero-point implosion break-throughs in new eco-fuels or air-wave inventions. Truly it is the Mother of all Forms, and will undoubtedly birth a new era of Heart-Expanding Consciousness.

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This is the South Window of Lincoln Cathedral, England,
giving a partial viewing of the universal Vesica Piscis design.


#1. Regarding Fig 5a
(An email correspondence, sent to me, the next day from posting the newsletter to my database.
Nb: Hi Jain,

The wrought iron Vesica Pisces  covering the spring in the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury was created by my friend Hamish Miller, a geomancer, dowser and blacksmith. Cut into the turf of a big clearing on his land is a large seed of life circled by  big stones at the four directions. Hamish Miller is the author of  “In search of the Southern Serpent” which he wrote jointly with his great friend Barrie Brailsford from Castlehill, South Island New Zealand. Maybe you know him. Hamish is the Founder of Parallel Community. Do check it out on the ‘net. You might want to connect.

Keep going . Great stuff.

Blessings. Kirsten Bolwig of the UK. 17-01-10)

#2. Regarding Figs 6 and 7
taken from works of Michael Schneider.


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