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Youtube Link: yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 HARMONIC 369369, ANOTHER JAIN DISCOVERY LINKED TO PHI yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Introducing  HEXA   AND   HEXI ANGULAR  TWINS  OF  THE UNICURSAL  HEXAGRAM A Correctional Code: by JAIN 108 The Continuous Unicursal Hexagram Replacing the Fragmented Star Of David REVELATION  OF  HARMONIC 369369 ANOTHER JAIN DISCOVERY LINKED TO PHI yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 EXTRACTED from JAIN’S DICTIONARY of SACRED GEOMETRY WORDS post: UNICURSAL HEXAGRAM: Introducing Hexa and Hexi (See Also: C=0, 6, 90, Angel, Angle, Complementary, Curved Lines, Dimension, Female, God, Goddess, Heart, Hexa, Hexi, Identical Twins, Incarnation, Male, Ninety Degrees, Sacred Geometry, Straight Lines, Symmetry, Third Eye) In Sacred Geometry, all straight, starkly linear lines are considered “Male” and all curvaceous lines are “Female”. We can take an ancient symbol, like the Unicursal Hexagram and depict it both as a cartoonish Male and Female Personality. Let me Introduce Hexa, the handsome, big-eyed Masculine portrayal and Hexi, the gorgeous Feminine incarnation whose broad arms are widespread showing how much Love she brings in and radiates out. They are angular twins: one was born at 90 degrees to the other, suggestive that although they come from the One Source, the Zero, they exist in 6 different dimensions, different Angles of the Angels, different possibilities and or opportunities. Hexa and Hexi therefore intersect one another through their common and dimensionless Centre or Heart. Their Journey is the infinite pathway of 6 Numbers that exalts their God-Goddess-ness of Symmetry. They love to adore and adorn each other: Hexa with his top-hat and antennae-like ears, and Hexi with her third-eye glitter and buttery Petals. Hexa is detailed with short straight lines and only a large head, and Hexi, with her whole beauteous body being exhibited is laced with arching, ethereal dots. Whatever they are, they are so complementarily cute! Jain 108 (September 2019, Mullumbimby Creek, created during my 2 week Juice Fast) yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Art Of Jain, 9-9-2019. “Hexa”, hand-drawn on Day 8 of a 2 week Juice Fast, Mullumbimby Creek. “Preparing for the upcoming times of 22/2/2020 and 22/2/2022 @ 2.22am and 22.22pm. Unifying Duality. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Hexa (male) A Large Head, big Eyes, antennae Ears, represents CONSCIOUSNESS Hexi (female) Has a Body, opened-arms, womb, represents Creation and the HIGHER HEART yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Hexa (in blue, upright) and Hexi (in red, superimposed at 90º) a combined Synastry Astrological Chart: The UniCursal Hexagram @ 0º + 90º. Formation of a Maltese-Cross-like symbol (in green outline). yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 nb: All lines of the sketched artwork are hand-drawn, ie: no rulers or compass used. nb: The existence of Hexa and Hexi, being based on the 90 degree turn, suggests that Gender, the option for either Male or Female traits, could have a basis upon molecular angular placement of DNA structures! nb: To view the stunning colours of my Decal and Sticker called “Unicursal Hexagram” go to this link: They are both exactly the same geometry, but have different metallic colours and one is rotated at 90 degrees. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Here, you can see the exact same diagram of the Unicursal Hexagram, the first is vertical, call it Zero degrees, and the other is rotated at 90 degrees. The phenomena which is interesting here is that of Perception!   yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 nb 1: The Unicursal Hexagram can be outlined and shaded in other creative ways: The diagram on the left shows an unusual intersection of lines and the highlighting of certain areas, and allows for “over and under”. nb 2: The Unicursal Hexagram can be perceived as the diagonal lines of axes in the 3-dimensional Cube highlighting the importance of spatial depth and to critical tilt angles to get it to “pop”. It appears that the transduction, ie going down from 3-dim to 2-dim which is akin to viewing the cubes shadow, reveals the Unicursal Hexagram when its shadow forms the perfect Hexagon. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Did you know, that this topic of drawing the Unicursal Hexagram, is actually a puzzle for 5 to 12 year old children in my workbook called: “MATHEMAGICS FOR STARKIDZ”      see link: It is also available as an: 1- an Ebook 2- an online eCourse at: The Puzzle is: how do you construct a perfect symmetrical, mirror-imaged star-shape, upon 6 equally spaced points on a circle, without taking your pen or pencil off the paper, and visiting each of the 6 points only once? yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 The Unicursal Hexagram can also be perceived as a Trefoil Knot in 3-dimensions. It conjures the Pathway of an Electron around its Nucleus! Can this simple Geometry be a clue to perceiving Atomic Structure? yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 There is a website that allows you to type in any desired function for details about any Polygon, to calculate say the diagonals, perimeters, square Area, to as many decimals as desired. It also gives all the necessary formula to understand how these values were achieve. Here I have typed in the Edge Length of the Hexagon to be1 unit. It shows that the perimeter of this Unicursal Hexagram is 7.77 units. from: yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 DECAL, Version 1, Adhesive Transparency, clear, for windows. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 This is the information that is given at the back of the clear Decal and non-clear Sticker, known as the Stockcard to which the Decal is stapled to: eg: One of the Benefits of Unicursal Hexagram is Cleansing old Codes to imprint them again with Higher Awareness. The agents for change are Children, that is why this Knowledge is being directed to be learnt by Children. This is because these are ancient and sacred geometries, and some of them have been abused by control and power. Geometries and or Shapes store Data and Memory, so when Students are drawing them, they are subtly reProgramming them with Light and new Thoughts imbued with Love and Joy. A symbol can only mean what the Mass Consciousness programs it to be. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 DECAL, Version 2, both have metallic colour. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 The act of wearing T-Shirts with psycho-active geometries printed on them is a very powerful process, as it is placing that Frequency upon the Heart Chakra which has the ability to Feel the Vibration and thus stimulate Cellular Memory. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

HARMONIC CODE  3 – 6 – 9 – 3 – 6 – 9 APPEARING IN THE DIGITAL COMPRESSION OF THE FIBONACCI 24 CODE: The true path of 3-6-9 is correct in my drawing of it, in the Unicursal Hexagram format, unbroken and smooth, not in the fragmented Star Of David that requires 2 separate triangles to connect all the 3s, 6s and 9s in the Wheel of 24.



yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Start from the “3” shown, then draw a linefrom this “3” to the “6” on the other side, then go up to the “9” which is the Apex, then down to the other “3″ then across to the other “6” then down to the other “9”. From here, you return back to the “3” from where you started, and you have magically created Harmonic 3-6-9-3-6-9. As you can see, this Unicursal Hexagram is traced forever smoothly and continuously, linking the 6-ness of this star with the 5-ness of the Phi Code 24 Pattern. We know that the Pentagon and Hexagon are the essential molecular components of the DNA architecture! yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

EXTRA NOTES on the UNI-HEXIAS and Insights by KYLIE DAVIDSON Teacher of the Higher Heart Psychic and Healer 19th September, 2019.

The Hex-Essence of Hexa and Hexi – The Unicursal Hexagram
A metaphysical explanation of this highly coded, sacred, intelligent, conscious geometry
Hexa is pure consciousness, he is only a big head. He is air … he is etheric … from other worlds, directly connected to all that is, the source, the cosmos where higher consciousness comes through, the Divine Masculine.
Hexi is physical, she has a body, a womb, Earth Element. Her giant arms are wide are indicative of her capacity to give and receive. She is pregnant, the Divine Mother. Her arms, legs and mind are wide open, she is ready to receive, and she wants to love. Her nature is to receive the divine ancient wisdom, and to spread this higher wisdom through her higher heart and love, the Divine Feminine.
Hexa is No-Where, and Hexi is Now-Here, they are Divine Cosmic Lovers. The come together, penetrating one another at the critical 90 degrees, they express love, they are universal consciousness, ancient wisdom, birthing Creation as Cosmic Lovers.
As Cosmic Lovers they unite to embody the Divine Feminine, represented by the body, and the Divine Masculine represented by the Mind.  Together they are ONE. The Ultimate, Intimate, Infinite, unconditional Higher Heart, Co-Uni-Existence expression of Divine LOVE.
The light is bright when they connect, their connection enlightens both themselves, and others who come into contact with them. When Hexi and Hexa come together, she is wide open to receive sparkling divine vision and wisdom. Together they manifest divine inspiration, seeding the worlds with their vision, and ancient knowledge, a higher consciousness. She is penetrated by his thought, channelling, divine wisdom and inspiration, and she brings it to the earth through her body for manifestation. He impregnates her with knowledge, for the mass consciousness. Higher awareness and higher consciousness is seeded into humanity, and the love spreads around. Her divine higher heart love is then looped back up, penetrating him and feeding him with the higher heart unconditional divine pure love, as they both give and receive.
Together they are called The Uni-Hexias. To lay him over her, their polar points make the Grand Cross, or the octahedron if viewed in 3d. It brings deep roots of stability and a solid foundation. What is above is also below, perfectly in balance and harmony. The chevron arrows show the way inward. Inward to the Higher Self.
There are no bounds or conditions to higher heart love, it is totally unconditional, her heart indicated by her breasts are not confined within the lines, there are no rules.
The HexEssence of Hexa and Hexi, The Uni-Hexias are pure divine spirit soul. Its all about divine unconditional love. They truely are twin flames, cosmic lovers of the highest order.
Jain has drawn my three years of channellings, the higher heart pathway of divine kundalini union, together for the higher purpose for humanity and the planet.
Kylie Davidson
September 2019 Tuckombil
Phi Proportions

How I Got My Name JAIN 108

How I Got My Name JAIN 108

This Youtube clip was originally posted on Instagram  @108academy, a 7 min video uploaded 1-9-2019


Jain’s main mathematical enquiry or research is to prove that the Golden mean (Phi 1:1.618…) connects all systems, whether it be biological, mineral, crystal, space, atom. eg: Phi is in the 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle. Phi is in the Equilateral, Phi is in 3 tangential circles etc. Jain can demonstrate that Phi is in Binary Numbers (1-2-4-8-16-32), Phi is in Prime Numbers, etc. In fact, the True value of Pi is based on Phi, based specifically on the square root of Phi which is 1.272, that which Squares The Circle. Jain’s life’s work is to show that the Golden Mean underpins all creation and is part of all mathematical and biological systems.

Jain’s main mathematical enquiry or research is to prove that the Golden mean (Phi 1:1.618…) connects all systems.

New Formula for “e” the Exponential Function, more simple than Euler’s (pron. “Oiler”). “e” is like Phi, that is about biology and growth, but appears in the microscosmic measurements of evolving populations of human or viral colonies. It could be said that Tesla’s profound discoveries on light, electricity (alternating current), radio, TV, radar, energy,  etc redefined if not invented the 21st Century. Similarly, perhaps the most important mathematical discovery, as important as Tesla’s discoveries, would be JainPi, the True Value of Pi = 3.144… for this correction from the current dishamonic value of Pi (3.1415…) to the ideal Circle-Square relationship, where there is no friction, no disharmony, only fractality, will lead humanity towards a veritable Space Age, as the problems with implosion and wormholes and time-bending physics are resolved, we can collectively move forward, when the great Mind of no Ego is equalled to a great Heart full of Compassion for all Sentient Beings. Though Jain’s diamond is the 3 Phi Codes and how they sum to 108. When Jain took this knowledge to India in 2005 the elite mathematicians of that time and era were amazed to learn of the mathematical derivation of Sri 108 that it was based on the living maths of Pine Cones, Sunflowers and the Number 9. They began to write letters to Jain and suffixed his name with “108” earning him the title of JAIN 108. Here is the article explaining this.


the  J O U R N E Y  from  COLLIN  to  JAIN  108

How did I get my name Jain 108? A lot of people ask me why my surname is 108. It was not a name I took on for egotistical reasons, rather it is a name that I earned from the respect of India’s Mathematical elite after I gave a lecture to 200 of India’s top Mathematicians in 2005 on the subject of how the Number 108 is mathematically derived from the Fibonacci Sequence and the Harmonics of the Pentacle. I did this pre-internet days and wrote a book called The Book Of Phi, Volume 4 in 2010 and prior to this there was absolutely no mathematical references to its origin, only some information about 108 beads on their chanting mala necklaces and 108 recitations to their god or goddesses etc .. So this is my Story, my Journey, how I earned the title of Jain 108. 0 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 4 – 3 – 7 – 1 – 8 – 9 – 8 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 6 – 2 – 8 – 1 Jain 108 (the following are the tags used in Instagram:) #108 #jain108 #108academy #fibonaccisequence #sacredgeometry #numbertheory #fibonacci #goldenratio #phi #geometry #mathteacher #symbol #mentalpower #matemáticas #matematicas #formulas #equation #mathteacher #math #divineproportion #math #maths #india #mathematics #calculus #mathart #vortexmath  #mathematical yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 When people ask me why my name has the suffix of 108 I often reply: 108 is the Living Mathematics Of Nature, having a unique connection to the Pine Cone, having 8:13 Counter Rotating Spirals and the Sunflower having 21:34 spirals obeying that which is called the Fibonacci Sequence: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-, the Key to all Living Systems based on the trinity of 3+5=8 or 13+21=34 or the Past + the Present = the Future. The shape of every Protein in our body is the same angle as that of the Pentagon which has its internal angles of 108 degrees. Thus 108 is part of our cellular memory and ascension process, to be attuned to Nature. This critical angle of 108 degrees allows systems to embed into one another, like the Russian Nesting Dolls, permitting non-destructive access to the Macro and Micro worlds. This is because the pentacle is a Fractal meaning the Inside is the same as the Outside. The Vedic Culture reveres a sonic mantra called the Gayatri Mantra or Savitri Mantra from the Rg Veda that honours the 5 Elements of Creation and the Multi-Dimensional Inner and External Worlds. It was also praised by Buddha in the Pali Canon and recited 108 times. It is composed of 24 syllables and the sum of its letters, known as Gematria, where A=1, B=2, C=3 etc but in the Sanskrit language, adds up 108. This is a direct correlation to the Fibonacci Sequence, that when it is reduced to single digits, by a process called Digital Compression or Continued Subtraction of 9, reveals Recursion or Repeatability at every 24th digit. Thus Sri 108 is an Infinitely Repeating 24 Code that sums to 108 and is the core of Nature and the Stars. It is called Sri 108 which means in a sense that it is holy, not religiously holy, because sacred is that which is Timeless and Permanent. 108 in the modern world connects the contemporary Now with the lineage of Ancient Wisdom. This is achieved by regarding Numbers as Living Souls, like humans, that form communities and networks. Sometimes 108 is tagged at the end of someone’s name to highlight some distinguishing quality or spirituality, like calling someone “Sir” or “Master”. So this is my Story, my Journey, how I earned the title of Jain 108.

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 4 – 3 – 7 – 1 – 8 – 9 – 8 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 6 – 2 – 8 – 1 – 9

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 I started off as a Bricklayer, working every weekend of my life with my Dad and brother, since the age of 7 on building sites. This is where I learnt to Calculate! I learnt the Art of Mental Mathematics on the scaffolding: How many bricks do I need to build this house? How many tiles do I need to tile this floor? How many cubic feet of concrete do I need to pour this slab? How do I use a water level made from clear plastic tubing like a hose to get my levels spot on? How precise must I be, to 1/16th of an inch, to mark my vertical pole called the Gauge Rod, that determines the  accuracy of the building’s height? Jain the Bricklayer, building a cathedral-like house in Possum Creek, near Byron bay, far north NSW, age 32. The money made from this creative construction earnt me airfares for my partner Reenah Sun and our 1.5 year old daughter Mingkah Sun to make our first trip to India in 1989, Jaipur then to Kashmir in the north, then Leh City in Ladakh which is geographically Tibet. This 8 month journey planted a seed to return to India a second time. An extract from Jain’s Resume in 2005, documenting an important meeting with India’s top mathematicians from Info-Sys, like USA’s Silicon Valley. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Kranti Kiran of India, took me on tour in India over a month’s period in 2005, introducing me to many schools where I taught thousands of children, and highlighted by a visit to Hyderabad, Silicon Valley-like city to the headquarters of Info-Sys, (like Google) where I went through high-security clearance, just to get in to lecture on Sri 108 and how it is connected to the Mathematics of the Pentacle, Phi and Digital Roots. The Mathematicians were astounded that a young man of full-blood Lebanese Roots, was an Ozzie bricklayer by trade yet his Soul resided with them here in India! Jain’s visit to Hyderabad in 2005, Silicon Valley-like city headquarters of Info-Sys where I got my first standing ovation from over 200 of India’s top mathematicians, some who later wrote to me letters with the title of Mr Jain 108… The guy sitting at the front with the blue shirt was the head mathematician who permitted this powerpoint conference. This meeting could only happen by word of mouth, via Kranti’s network and connections of the highest order. nb: I would like to thank, indirectly, Mr Kenneth Williams of the UK, who created the first Vedic Mathematics Newsletters that I read and learnt from and allowed me to create the first dvd in the world on Vedic Maths in 2001, Through this forum I was introduced by email to Kranti Kiran who became my email buddy, he was India’s top Human-Calculator-Computer, which subsequently led to my visit to India to meet up with him. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 LETTERS THAT I RECEIVED FROM INDIA: It was months after this Lecture in Hyderabad that I started receiving snail mail (envelops) from India from some of these enthusiastic mathematicians. My name on these envelops was MR JAIN 108 Even though they normally would have addressed me as Mr Jain of Australia, as a sign of respect, in their culture, they suffixed my name with “108” and thus the name Jain 108 stuck, I liked it, not for egotistical purposes, but because I had genuinely discovered the true mathematical derivation of Shri 108 hidden within the Fibonacci Sequence. I kept the envelops, as I thought it was a genuine honour and cute. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Letters that were addressed to me from India came in the humbling form of: Jain 108, Professor Jain, Dr Jain, Sri Jain and Jain Ji Questions I often get asked from readers on Facebook and Instagram and general emails: 1- Were there any books or information on 108 before you wrote your encyclopedia (The Book Of Phi, volume 4) before it got self-published in 2010 ? and 2- were your discoveries on 108 pre-Internet days? Can we say that you are the first person to introduce the Mathematical explanation of 108 to the Indians ? The Fibonacci Sequence is the Key to All Living Systems. Showing the Female (curved) and Male (straight lines) of the Phi Phenomenon yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 The Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion (1:1.618…) is symbolised by the Female aspect (curved lines) which is the Phi Spiral as seen in the Sunflower having a Counter-Rotating Field Coding of 34:21. The Male aspect (straight lines) is symbolised by the Pentacle, especially when it is drawn within itself, reducing at the rate of .618, called Fractal Pentacle, when the inside is the same as the outside. By “Continued Subtraction of 9” aka Digital Roots or Compression, the infinite additive sequence of the Fibonacci Numbers reduces to a necklace of digits called the 24 Infinitely Repeating Code that sums to 108   yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 PHI CODE 1: linear sequence 24 REPEATING PATTERN based on the Digital Compression of the FIBONACCI SEQUENCE 0  1   1   2   3   5   8   4   3   7   1   8 9  8   8   7   6   4   1   5   6   2   8   1 The same 24 Pattern can be circularised. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Look at the relationship of 108 : 360 both numbers are divisible by 36 reducing to 1:3. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 This means, that in our Decimal Base 10 system, when we divide the circle into 10 points, which is really the creation of the Double Pentacle, there is a sacred connection between 3 and 10. Thus upon the 10 Point Circle, touching every 3rd Point achieves the Angle of 108 Degrees. This hints at a sacred connection between the Number 108 and the concept of the Trinity eg: In there Hindu Culture of Deities there is the Trinity of: Brahma (the Creator, Vishnu (the Preserver) and Shiva (the Destroyer) yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 This ratio of 1:3 is also evident in: the PHI VESICA where the intersection of the 2 Circles happens at one-third of the Diameter, generating an internal Golden  Ratio where AB / BC = 1.618… In Photoshop, artists use this function of The RULE OF THIRDS to create aesthetically pleasing proportions in their compositions yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 THE BOOK OF PHI, volume 4 The first comprehensive compilation on Sri 108, a rare and highly visual Encylopedia of 108 references from many cultures. yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 This particular drawing “AMN in the Scriptorium, the Ancient Library boy” has a lot of significance to me, as it appears, on hindsight, as a prediction of my future, that I was the one chosen to access the knowledge of Sri 108, how it is based on Phi and Nature. I subsequently put out the first comprehensive Encyclopedia on important references on 108, pre-internet days. When I wrote this book The Book Of Phi, volume 4, there was hardly a mention of sri 108. This drawing also indicated my direct access to Ancient Knowledge, that is why I am standing on the clouds… if for example I wanted to solve a deep geometrical or mathematical problem, I would take the enquiry into my dream state and wake up in the morning and crack that code and re-discovering that the Fibonacci Sequence contains a hidden Infinitely Repeating 24 Pattern whose sum of single digits is 108, 108, 108 forever, the hidden pulse of Creation. This drawing was also a depiction of the Near Death Experience I had had 9 months prior to drawing this, giving me a glimpse into the Akashic Records where all Knowledge is stored and  thus is accessible. This drawing: “The 5 Fishes” was one of a 1,000 artworks that I created in the Torres Straits above the tip of Australia. It was a form of self-education, accessing within my Soul Memory, the geometries of Nature that were of importance, derived by watch how water in the creeks flowed, how a leaf fell, how patterns on seeds revealed themselves to me. Without any planning, the Deity or Being that kept appearing in many of these drawings was a Being that emerged out of an elongated isosceles triangle, which happens to be what is called a Golden Phi Triangle (a segment of the Pentagram). It kept appearing, and adopted the name of Haha-Aha, as if it was an aspect of my Higher Self. During my 4 year hermitage 1984-87, I wrote about 1,000 pages of elongated pages in Tibetan style (it just happened that the perimeter of each hand-cut cardboard page, without planning was 1.618 metres! It was a process of putting together all the drawings that I had in Torres Straits in 1981-82. Art Of Jain 1982: The Involute of the Circle, formed by rolling a wheel along a flat line, generates an exotic Phi Spiral! The 12 Beings depicted existed deep in my Consciousness. Thus in the jungle at that time, I taught myself the supreme Art of Sacred Gaiometry, meeting medicine men and living off the trees, having no income, no fear.  
Divine Proportion Jain Discoveries


3 PHI CODES:  Harmonic 666. Jain Discovery 2012. Wheels Within Wheels. The 3 Dials or Phi Codes or Wheels of 24, that generate all the 72 Possible Phi Codes that sum to (108+9) What this means, is that if you choose any 2 numbers in the universe, say 3 and 7 and start adding them in the Fibonaccoid style: 3-7-10-17-27- etc but in Mod 9 (or Modulus 9 or Clock Maths) which is Adding The Sum Of The Digits
aka Digital Compression, it becomes 3-7-1-8-9- etc you will find this sequence somewhere on 1 of these 3 dials…
This suggests that all Additive Sequences have their roots or basis or beginning in these 3 Primal Seeds: F(1+1) and F(1+3) and F(1+4). There is a very rare and special reference to the 3 Phi Codes written in an ancient text known as the Rg Samhita, (which relates to the Rg Veda, that western scholars date back to 1,000 to 1,200 BC). Here is the very cryptic quote: “TWELVE SPOKE-BOARDS, ONE WHEEL, 3 NAVELS. Who Understands these?” (I found this important quote in “Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy” by Richard L. Tompson aka Sadaputa Dasa, published by The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust in 1990) Terminology For The 81 Possible Fibonacci Seed Sums. Modulus 9 nb: Fib(1+1) or F(1,1) means that this Pair of single digits keeps adding itself until recursion happens.
It can be summarized as F(1-1-2)
but since it generates the Infinitely Repeating 24 Pattern, I refer to his as a Phi Code that sums to (108+9) and abbreviate it to Phi Code 1 or PC1(1-1-2).
I have discovered that amidst the 72 possible Phi Codes, that all have 24 repeating digits and sum to (108+9), that there are only 3 distinct Phi Codes, that all sum to (108+9) that generate all the 72 variations. They are:
3 Dials: PC1(1-1-2), PC2(1-3-4), PC3(1-4-5) Jain 108 Sourced from: The Book Of Phi” volumes 6 and 7, by Jain 108 These notes are extracted from Jain’s Dictionary of Anointed Numbers, aka Harmonic Stairway, under the listing of “Harmonic 666”, and from Jain’s Dictionary of Sacred Geometry Words, under the listing of the “3 Phi Codes”. (See Also: C=3, 9, 12, 24, 72, 81, 108, 117, 666, Additive Sequences, Code, Dial, Digital Compression, Fibonaccoid, Modulus, Navel, Phi Codes, Rg Samhita, Rg Veda, Richard Tompson, Sadaputa Dasa)   yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7
Phi Proportions

FIBONACCI 60 CODE: Spiral Pattern of ReEntry: Jain 108 Discovery

JAIN’S DISCOVERY: Fibonacci 60 Code: Spiral Pattern of ReEntry

I am proud to release another rare gem based on the Infinitely Repeating 60 Final Digits of the Fibonacci Sequence. When I plotted the 60 numbers on graph paper, (like the work of Ulam’s Rose revealing the 24 Pattern of Prime Numbers, and the stock-marketeering work of Gann’s Wheel of 24) I discovered that after 60 steps, the pattern RE-ENTERS ITSELF or ends where it begins, thus forming a predictive, cyclic pattern of the highest order that has applications with 60 hertz frequency and other hi-tech connections regarding frequency and vibration. It asks the question, did Tesla base his life-giving innovations on this distinctive 60 periodicity that obeys the Laws of Nature. Jain 108 ps: I will explain this in further detail on Facebook soon. This revelation has never been published before in print and will appear as a 15 minute video discourse. FIBONACCI 60 CODE web_Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 3, 1, 4, 5, 9, 4, 3, 7, 0, 7, 7, 4, 1, 5, 6, 1, 7, 8, 5, 3, 8, 1, 9, 0, 9, 9, 8, 7, 5, 2, 7, 9, 6, 5, 1, 6, 7, 3, 0, 3, 3, 6, 9, 5, 4, 9, 3, 2, 5, 7, 2, 9, 1 Spiralling 
Graph Paper
 Pattern    A 
JAIN DISCOVERY Derived By Continuous Subtraction of 10 or Modulus 10 Observation of the End, Final or Last Digits of the Fibonacci Sequence The 60 PATTERN HIDDEN INSIDE the FIBONACCI SEQUENCE, by CONTINUOUS SUBTRACTION of 10, or JUST NOTING the LAST DIGIT Observe: • All opposing Pairs, passing thru the centre have a sum of 10 • Every 5th number is either a 5 or a zero. • These are the numbers of  TIME, 12, 24 and 60. This was published by Jain
in 2010 in his book
The Book Of Phi, volume 3. web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images The infinitely repeating 60 Pattern of the 60 Final Digits of the Anointed Fibonacci Sequence The 1st Final Digits of the Fibonacci Sequence repeat every 60 digits! This Cycle of 60 is also called a Periodicity (P) of 60 The 2 Final Digits of the Fibonacci Sequence repeat every 300 digits!
 P = 300 The 3 Final Digits of the Fibonacci Sequence repeat every 1500 digits!
 P = 1,500 The 4 Final Digits of the Fibonacci Sequence repeat every 15,000 digits!
 P = 15,000 Wheels within Wheels
 within Wheels web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images The 24 and 60 Codes hidden inside the Fibonacci Sequence The Outer Wheel of 24 Repeating Digits is based on Continued Subtraction of 9 or Digital Compression, and the Inner Wheel of 60 Repeating Digits is based on Continued Subtraction of 10 or Final Digits. web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images Shown above is only the first 24 Numbers of the infinite additive Fibonacci Sequence. By observing only the Final Digits, which is really “Continued Subtraction from 10”, a 60 Code Pattern appears, meaning the Periodicity or cycle of 60 digits keeps repeating. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 3, 1, 4, 5, 9, 4, 3, 7, 0, 7, 7, 4, 1, 5, 6, 1, 7, 8, 5, 3, 8, 1, 9, 0, 9, 9, 8, 7, 5, 2, 7, 9, 6, 5, 1, 6, 7, 3, 0, 3, 3, 6, 9, 5, 4, 9, 3, 2, 5, 7, 2, 9, 1 Shown above, are the first 24 of the 60 Final Digits of the Fibonacci Sequence. web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images Fibonacci Numbers Final Digits 60 Code Final Digit s
60 CODE 
shown as a 2 x 30 Rectangular Frame 0 1  1 2 3 5 8 3 1 4 5 9 4 3 7 0 7 7 4 1  5 6 1 7 8 5 3 8 1 9 0 9 9 8 7 5 2 7 9 6 5 1 6 7 3 0 3 3 6 9 5 4 9 3 2 5 7 2 9 1 Observe that all 30 columns sum to 10,
except for the 2 columns that contain Zeroes. Highlighted are every 5th Digit which is either a Zero or a 5, this is because every 5th Fibonacci Numbers is divisible by 5. Expressed as a Wheel of 60 Digits,
a beautiful 12 Pointed-Star is formed Slide 7 Fibonacci Numbers Final Digits 
60 CODE 
shown as a 3 x 20 Rectangular Frame web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_7_3x10rows-1 Slide 8 Fibonacci Numbers Final Digits, 60 CODE
 shown as a 5 x 12 Rectangular Frame web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_9_6x10rows-1 Observe that all columns contain either all Even Numbers or all Odd Numbers. All Even Columns sum to 20, and all Odd Columns sum to 25 Slide 9 Fibonacci Numbers Final Digits, 60 CODE 
shown as a 6 x 10 Rectangular Frame web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_9_6x10rows-1 Observe that the 1st and 6th Columns, from the left contain digits that are all Zeroes and 5s, summing to 20.
All other Columns sum to 30. 4 of these Columns contain only the digits 1-4-6-9
 and another 4 Columns contain only the digits 2-3-7-8. web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_10_3x10rows_yellow-1 web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_7_3x10rows_crop_yellow Fibonacci Numbers Final Digits 60 CODE
shown as a 4 x 15 Rectangular Frame Observe that all 15 columns sum to 20,
 except for the first column that contains 4 Zeroes.
 Observe the 6th Column, from the Left, containing four 5s.
 In each of the 14 columns summing to 20.
 In each of the 14 columns observe the 2 Alternating Pairs that sum to 10. 
It is these 4 rows of 15 digits that will be used to in the following slides
to show how the Discovery Pattern of the 60 Code was revealed when plotted on square grids. ULAM’S ROSE The process of plotting the Sequence of 60 Fib End Digits 
was inspired by Ulam’s Rose, where he plotted all the Prime Numbers, up to 1,000, upon a grid of graph paper where the numbers plotted spiralled around a central starting point: web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images Ulam’s Rose of spiralling, consecutive, natural counting numbers moving clockwise around a central starting point makes visible the invisible, teaching us that Prime Numbers are not at all random, but rather, as shown here, form an organic symmetry curiously similar to a rose flower! The Path of the first 10,000 Primes spiralling The Path of a few billion Primes spiralling web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images GANN SQUARE Another type of spiralling square, like Ulam’s Rose of Prime Numbers, is the
 Gann Square of spiralling numbers up to 361 used for stock-market trading,
 an indication when to buy or sell.
 Gann was the most successful trader of all time and he incorporated The Wheel
of 24 and the Magic Square of 9×9, understanding cycles, seasons, astrology, numerology and the sacred mathematics of the Giseh Pyramid. web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images 60 FIBONACCI CODE SPIRAL GRAPH Enclosing Rectangle = 25×17 cells. 
This Rectangle here is 27×19 cells. The first 6 Numbers Plotted, Clockwise. The Blue Circle is the Starting Point web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images 60 FIBONACCI CODE SPIRAL GRAPH. The first 15 of the 60 Digits web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images 60 FIBONACCI CODE SPIRAL GRAPH. The first 30 of the 60 Digits web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images 60 FIBONACCI CODE SPIRAL GRAPH. The first 45 of the 60 Digits web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images 60 FIBONACCI CODE SPIRAL GRAPH. All of the 60 Digits. web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images DISCOVERY: The Last or 60th Digit ReEnters to the 1st Digit! The 60 Fibonacci Code Modulus 10 when Spiralled as a Square Wave is an infinitely repeating, recursive and intelligent 60 Cycle that reenters itself. Jain 108, June 2019 Jain’s Discovery of the 60 Fibonacci Code is essentially connected to the Alpha and the Omega, the biblical principle that the First is connected to the Last, the Beginning to the End. 
It is akin to any Magic Square that is harmonically arranged and when converted into a pattern, by drawing the first number to the 2nd, 3rd etc to the last number, generates an exquisite symmetry, represented hidden or inherent Order amid the apparent Chaos.
 This 60 Code Pathway is about ReEntry, as in a Labyrinth, that takes the aspiring Seeker from the Outside to the Inside. 
It also touches upon the concept of Cycles and Infinity. 
It encourages us to ask more questions, like does this
Harmonious 60 cycle relate to 60 Hertz?
Was this knowledge known to Tesla? Tesla did state that the most bio-conducive form of electricity for the Human Body was 60 Hertz, and this today is not being used, perhaps contributing to the increase of cancers. The Mystery of Revelation, all encoded in the folds and compressed petals of the Rose Flower.
June 2019, Mullumbimby Creek, Far North NSW, Australia web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_17_Text_ReEntry-1

SEMI-CIRCLES INSTEAD OF STRAIGHT LINES: For Research purposes, we can experiment and examine what would the pathway of 60 digits look like if we replaced each straight-line with its equivalent semi-circle!

The Fib 60 Code first 15 Numbers
 drawn as semi-circles web-Fibonacci60Code_SemiCircles_First15Numbers_crop The Fib 60 Code first 30 Numbers 
drawn as semi-circles web-Fibonacci60Code_SemiCircles_First30Numbers_crop When all 60 semi-circles are drawn, there is the moment of ReEntry ,
where where the Last Digit flows into the First Digit. Could this be done as an Animation, where a highly-charged particle or glowing atom is seen moving through this harmoniously arrayed system of tubes that emits a certain frequency for healing and restoration? The Fib 60 Code first 45 Numbers 
drawn as semi-circles web-Fibonacci60Code_SemiCircles_First45Numbers_crop The Fib 60 Code fall 60 Numbers
drawn as semi-circles web-Fibonacci60Code_SemiCircles_Complete60NumbersReEntry_crop Hand-drawn by Jain 108, 27-6-2019 web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_18_Harmonic6666-1 web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images web-Fib60Code_QuadNumbers_4_calculator-1 web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images Mural by Jain, showing the 60 Fibonacci Code, Oil on Wood. Painted during a 2 week Fast, Sep 2018. web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images Jain 108’s MAIN WORKBOOK ON PHI FOR KEEN TEENS This Book, and
 The Book of Phi, volume 3, 
contain references to the
 60 Fibonacci Code web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images
web-Fibonacci60Code_SpiralGraphPattern_JainDiscovery_Images Slide 42 Jain’s DVD on Phi:
The DIVINE PHI PROPORTION: The Mathematics Of Beauty dvd 4 of the 5 dvd Set
Sacred Geometry

“e” = 2.718281828459045… JAIN 108 NEW FORMULA for the EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION

“e” = 2.718281828459045… JAIN 108 NEW FORMULA for the EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION

Jain 108 discovered a better way for defining the formula for “e” = 2.718281828459045 etc. This is the Exponential Number for nature’s growth and decay. “e” is the mathematical constant that measures the growth of human populations or viral colonies. It also is used in Compound Interest formulae, in Physics, it is used to establish the half-life of an element by studying its radioactive decay, and is used by coroners to predict the time of someone’s death for murder investigations.
It appears to act like the Phi Ratio, connected to biological systems, but is another separate entity, and is as important. I first Published this Discovery briefly in “In The Next Dimension” aka The Book of Phi, Volume 2, by Jain in 2003 but was received in 2000.
In other Discoveries: Jain independently revealed the Infinitely Repeating 24 Pattern in the Fibonacci Sequence, by continued subtraction of 9 aka Digital Roots or Digital Compression. He also discovered 2 important codes in the Wheel of 60 revealed when we continually subtract 10 from the Fibonacci Sequence, which is really observing the final or end digits, to show that a spiral pattern of these 60 infinitely repeating digits actually reEnters itSelf precisely on the 60th digit, and also that there is a hidden Harmonic 1111 and 6666 code embedded in the Wheel of 60… see the articles on this on this site. There is great practical applicability to this Fibonacci 60 Code because Tesla knew that the 60 hertz or cycles per second in our electrical world is the most conducive for the human condition. The Pervasiveness of Phi (1.618033988…). Jain can mathematical show that Phi is in all important systems, in biology, in crystals, in space, in atoms, and mathematically it is seen everywhere in the Doubling Binary Sequence (1-2-4-8-16-32-64), in the Pythagorean 3-4-5 Triangle, surprisingly in the Equilateral Triangle, in Magic Squares, in Prime Number Sequences etc.
This is a screenshot taken from the 15 minute video that was made of this e Discovery New Formula, July 2019 on Instagram and Facebook. It basically was a call out to advanced computer-skilled mathematicians to plug n to say 100,000 to advance and validate that this formula indeed does give the true value of e = 2.718281828…   It appears that we need to plug in n up to 1 million, or 1 billion, so I am awaiting for this to happen from those who have the skills to do so.
Credit goes to Zevan Rosser and Anthony Canosa who plugged in n to 20,000  then to 100,000 to validate that Jain’s New e Formula is correct.
Testimonial by Kylie Davidson who predicts that this new e Formula is somehow connected to Gravity and Earth Grid Correctional Codes.
There is a special relationship between the  3 top mathematical constants known as Phi, Pi and the Exponential Function. They are shown here to be involved with the Pythagorean 3-4-5 Triangle, but the mathematics to prove this is only 99.9% correct.
Thanks to Scott Onstott who offered this brilliant connection to e regarding the ratio volume of a sphere and a cube!
If you would like to have this 16 page article as a PDF, showing all the above images and text, just contact me via email on Thanks for your time reading this, and if you have any feedback, please contact me. If you would like to see the 15 minute video of this e article, go to our Instagram page called @108academy
Jain Poetry


beautiful ceramic disks containing the zen poem “Earth Earth Earth” by Jain 108 of Mullumbimby, and created as a clay disk by Bozana
To contact Bozana you can email Jain first,
to custom order other colour and special effects that she creates with this same design.
Here are 2 exquisite poems by Jain,
1- that uses only the words “E A R T H”
2- that uses only the words “E A R T H   E A R T H”



 NUMBER OF LETTERS (listed in alphabetical order)

 1 2 3 4 5

Here is the lexigram poem based on the above words of EARTH:

























(since the anagram of EARTH is HEART).

Using only the Letters: A – A – E – E – H – H – R – R – T – T

(listed in alphabetical order)

1    2      3       4          5            6               7
















Here is the lexigram poem based on the above words of




























































JAIN 108
mullumbimby creek, 2008

Sacred Geometry

VESICA PISCES – The Mother Of All Form, Part 1 of 2

Hello Website Visitor,

If you can’t see any graphics in this newsletter, please click on this link, or copy and paste it your browser to read this article:


Written by
JAIN 108

January 2010 Mullumbimby Creek, far north NSW
(of a 2 Part Series)(Originally written as a feature article for Renee Cashman
the Theme for the upcoming February issue 2010 being
“Mother Earth” or “Gaia”)

Visualize two circles side by side, not touching. This represents Duality, or Separation. But now visualize the union of the two circles such that the Centre of each is on the circumference of the Other. This is the Father-Mother Principle in Divine Union. Observe the oval geometry in the middle, known as the Vesica Piscis (or Vessel of the Fish) which resembles an almond shape or the shape of the human eye.

Fig 1
2 Circles merging to form the Vesica Piscis
(lit. in Latin, The Fishes Bladder). Xtians thus regarded this shape as most holy, and adopted it in many ecclesiastical seals.

The Vesica Piscis served as an appropriate symbol for the Yoni, vulva and represented the feminine creative force, the Mother-Spirit birthing gods and worlds. It also carried the meaning of the “seat of the female sexual power”.
It is often seen in medieval Christian art as a distinct frame around holy figures, and was called Mandorla (literally meaning “Almond”). Seen below in Fig 2c is Christ bordered by the Vesica Piscis shape, as if in the posture of being birthed.

Fig 2a                  Fig 2b                    Fig 2c
Mandorla or Vesica Frame around Christ,
seen in art and in the lead-lights of sacred architecture.
As a female form, in Sanskrit, it was referred to as
“Jagad Yoni” meaning the “Womb of the World”.

These 2-Dimensional line diagrams of VP are merely shadows so lets observe this in 3 dimensions, which is the true stance of Sacred Geometry. We need to view the two merging Circles as Spheres.
Here is a puzzle. How would you describe the 3-Dimensional view of this Vesica or Almond Shape? Here is a clue, and its something we’ve been kicking around for quite a few decades. The answer is The Rugby ball!

Fig 3
The Rugby Ball is the common or shared space
between two merging spheres where the circumference
of one sphere meets the centre of the other!

The Rugby Ball is indeed one of the most powerfully symbols in all of this Multi-Dimensional Language of Light.
This explains the bizarre global fascination for a game with billions of spectators who go into trance cheering the wild and unpredictable path of a bloated bladder ball, where everyone seeks bliss by participating in a cult that justifies the act of getting drunk, screaming praises and obscenities, perhaps no different than jungle behaviour thousands of years ago. I suspect that this is a healthy behaviour to tune out of our normal grind in society and work and release emotional pressures by venting at a ball game. This is Sacred Geometry at its best. (In Part 2 of this article, I will show you the other ball Sacred Geometry ball that is also being kicked around!). Really it�s a statement that sacred geometry exists invisibly in the mass consciousness. What is of interest here as that this 2-Dim vesica or 3-Dim rugby ball holds all the harmonic frequencies found in biology and crystal forms, known as the Root of 2 (1.4142�), the Root of 3 (1.732�), and the Root of 5 (2.2360�). We will look at this most important mathematics in Part 2 of this series.

Another example of where the 3-dim vesica piscis appears is in the word of bubles. Look at how two bubbles, ready to disintegrate, fuse into the vesica as a form of survival.

Fig 4a
The Fusion of two soap bubble spheres morphing
into the Vesica Piscis suggesting that this is Nature�s optimum
or most stable state before possible disintegration.

We are here to Copy and Comprehend Nature. Ultimately, the definition of Sacred Geometry can be found in the elegant and unique combinations of Sphere Packing, since the Sphere is the ultimate UFO craft or inter-dimensional space-craft MerKaBah or Vehicle of Light.
A simple and beautiful meditation is see the 2 circles as 2 spheres, one represents The All That Is or God-Goddess, and the other is You, the evolving ego, and allow them to Merge such that your Heart touches the Heart of God, therefore forming the 3-Dim VP. This way it is not an intellectual experience, but you are viewing this from the Inside, like a fly on the wall. A two dimensional Vesica Piscis drawing is therefore merely a shadow of the true 3-D form. By understanding the shift from 2-D to 3-D the neophyte can grok the reality of a 4th Dimension of Time.


Fig 4b
The 3-Dimensional view of the Flower of Life Pattern or Yantra
(image borrowed from the late Alton of Sydney, a sacred geometry teacher)

Did you realize too that the now famous design spreading around the world, The “Flower of Life� pattern, is simply a nest of many circles in this Vesica Piscis formation? The Flower of Life is simply the pluralistic tessellation or tiling or nesting of many Vesica Piscis. As another Healing Meditation, view yourSelf in the Centre of this Hologram and allow the surrounding geometry to be the perfected form of your Auric or Buddha field. This allows access to your divine Blueprint and wakes up the diseased organs to remember their Original Form; that is why Sacred Geometry is about Remembering Who You Truly Are.

From pagan times, the Vesica Piscis is best remembered as the image seen on the lid of the Chalice Well, in Glastonbury UK, for it sealed the entrance to the spring that flowed below, a source of healing waters guarded by the priestesses.
(See Footnote #1 at end of this Part 1 article)

Fig 5a
The Chalice Well of Glastonbury
is an ornately decorated Vesica Piscis

Fig 5b
The Vesica Piscis in the exquisite Arches of Gothic Architecture

The Vesica Piscis appears often in the exquisite arches of Gothic Architecture, appearing to capture the celestial proportions and anchoring it into the terrestrial realms. The reason why we feel so imbued with awe and beauty, when we gaze upon sacred architecture, is because it mirrors or reflects back to us the magnificence of the Divine Proportion within our own human canon, eg: the place where elbow bends, divides the arm into two sections 21:34 or 1:1.618� the Phi Ratio, which is identical to the mathematics of flowers like the sunflower floret which has 21 spirals going clockwise and 34 going anti-clockwise. We thus see or encounter God in the mirror of Bio-Architecture. It is in such places that we can have a peak experience.

Fig 6
Vesica Piscis used powerfully in Corporate Logos
(image of CBS logo  from the works of Michael Schneider, USA Sacred Geometry teacher)

Many of you will be familiar with this shape featuring as the principle design in corporate logos (Fig 6), as if to claim the ancient wisdom inherent in this anointed symbol to assist in hypnotizing the masses by the magic of its form that is already imprinted in the subconscious mind.

And last, but not least, in the invisible realms of sonic interference patterns, yet another tribute to the magic of the Omnipresent Vesica Piscis.

Fig 7
The Vesica Piscis seen as the meeting of two concentrically circular waves or sonic interference pattern.
(image from the works of Michael Schneider, USA Sacred Geometry teacher)

This is what is termed as a “psycho-active diagram� or Yantra or Power Art that conducts psychic essences, and is registered by your Higher Brain, and may not mean much to the reader now, but it is predicted that such powerfully engineered mathematics of electron and sub-atomic quark patterns will inspire the next generation of inquisitive students or Imagineers to apply this universal principle of Vesica Piscis in the Future Technologies, whether it be in circuit-boards, zero-point implosion break-throughs in new eco-fuels or air-wave inventions. Truly it is the Mother of all Forms, and will undoubtedly birth a new era of Heart-Expanding Consciousness.

Jain is an international lecturer revealing the Beauty of Mathematics as a Star Language. He runs 5 days of Mystery Schools for teenagers and adults (The subjects taught are listed below in the 5 Dvd Set). The main theme of his Life�s Work, is The Translation of Number Into Art, aka The Art of Number, which constitutes Whole Brain Learning. He is currently uploading this vast library of ancient knowledge as Online Tutorials for his University of Sacred Geometry and Temple of Mathematics known as The EarthHeart School.

JAIN F.R.E.E.D.O.M.S. (Non Profit Organism).
Incorporation Number: INC9882763 since Nov 2004)
Phone +61 (0)2 6684 4409   International Ph: 61266844409
Mobile +61 (0)423 583 886
Address pob 729, Mullumbimby, NSW, 2482. Australia
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If you enjoyed this article and would like to expand your knowledge, I would suggest two products to buy from my website:

#1: Link –
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1 of 5 = Introduction, a summary of the 8 hours of knowledge.
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of Flowers, pine cones and sunflower florets, identical to the Human Canon!
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adored by Pythagoras and his community.

This is a total overview of Jain’s Life’s Work and goes into full detail on these 4 distinct topics. It has taken many years to have this material compiled, and is useful for Teacher Training courses.
Jain is presenting the Knowledge using overhead transparencies, and writing notes upon the whiteboard. Many geometric models are used to explain the concepts discussed.
Each of the 5 dvds are studio productions demonstrating a typical live 2 hour lecture that Jain gives.

#2: Link –
The BOOK of PHI, Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3

This is the South Window of Lincoln Cathedral, England,
giving a partial viewing of the universal Vesica Piscis design.


#1. Regarding Fig 5a
(An email correspondence, sent to me, the next day from posting the newsletter to my database.
Nb: Hi Jain,

The wrought iron Vesica Pisces  covering the spring in the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury was created by my friend Hamish Miller, a geomancer, dowser and blacksmith. Cut into the turf of a big clearing on his land is a large seed of life circled by  big stones at the four directions. Hamish Miller is the author of  “In search of the Southern Serpent” which he wrote jointly with his great friend Barrie Brailsford from Castlehill, South Island New Zealand. Maybe you know him. Hamish is the Founder of Parallel Community. Do check it out on the ‘net. You might want to connect.

Keep going . Great stuff.

Blessings. Kirsten Bolwig of the UK. 17-01-10)

#2. Regarding Figs 6 and 7
taken from works of Michael Schneider.


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Sacred Geometry True Value Of Pi 3.144... Vedic Mathematics

True Value Of Pi

iS Pi A LiE?

Jain 108 Research

Article For NEXUS MAGAZINE June 2014

Learn why the Maltese Cross, based on Root 5 and Phi ϕ geometry (the maths of flowers, crystals and human proportions), was more than a sacred symbol, it was used as a Navigational tool to travel and create with. It incorporated the perfected Circle and Square Harmonics from which is derived the True value of Pi. Join Jain on this excursion into an ancient mystery, finally revealed.  


Here are 13 Bullets of Fact, posed as Questions: ● NASA admitted that when the original Mooncraft landing occurred, the targeted spot was missed by about 20km? What could have been wrong with the Calculations? NASA subsequently adjusted their traditional mathematical value for Pi (3.141592…) by increasing it in the 3rd decimal by .003! ● Also, an ex-Engineer from NASA, “Smokey” admitted (via email) that when he was making metal cylinders for this same Mooncraft, finished parts just did not fit perfectly, so an adjusted value for Pi was also implemented. At the time, he thought nothing about it, but after reading an internet article called The True Value of Pi, by Jain 108, he made contact. ● What if the True Value of Pi (3.144…) was hidden in the height of the Cheops Pyramid in Gizeh, Egypt? ● Pi is not just the relationship of the Circle to the Square, it embodies a Phi (maths of nature) connection between the area of the circle and its surrounding square. This fact puts Pi in the category of Eternal or Timeless Fixed Design. ● Why did Moses instruct Aaron to build an Altar of Incense based similarly on the Double Unit Cube? Why did Egyptian Pharaohs sit upon thrones that showed geometric lines indicating what is known as the Double Square or Double Unit Cube, whose main diagonal is the Square Root of 5, the critical frequency needed to determine both Phi and Pi? ● What if the geometric proof for the Golden Mean or Phi Proportion (1 : 1.618… the mathematics of Beauty and Nature) shows irrefutably that Phi is Pi, based on a Root 5 Maltese Cross, and that this same proof is the psychic and spiritual emblem for Saint Germain, who wears this Maltese Cross on his Heart, as if to protect this holy information. ● If Pi is simply the Circle-Square Relationship, how important is it to know that the Square Area of the Circle compared to the surrounding Square is in the ratio of 1 : 1.272… which is a Harmonic of the Phi Ratio and the critical height of the Cheops Pyramid. ● Why does HM Queen Mary wear this Maltese Cross on her royal Crown, as pictured at the coronation of King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth, in 1937. ● What if the current Queen of England, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd wore this Geometric Proof (Root 5 Maltese Cross) upon her royal robe, declaring herself as the Sovereign Head of the Order of St. John and wearing the Insignia of the Order which was made also for Queen Victoria. ● Why did Pope Benedictine XVI, and many other holy dignitaries, wear the Maltese Cross on their papal robes and hats? ● What was the Billy Meier Prophesy (born 1937) about, relating that when The True Value of Pi is revealed, the Earth’s frequency will change and will allow a Space Age of advanced Technology to unfold, as in the bending of Time and Space and mastery of the toroidal Physics of Black and White Holes. ● Why was “Plato’s Most Beautiful Triangle” highly revered in his time, and how does it reveal The True Value of Pi? ● What if both an algebraic and a geometric proof existed, both irrefutable evidence that Pi is deliberately deficient, that Pi is a Lie? Definition of Pi: Pi, as you may recall, from your early high school days, is the relationship of the Circle’s Diameter to its Circumference (fig 1). Scholars for thousands of years have enquired, how many times does the known length of the diameter fit into the unknown surrounding curvature. For easier calculations, we set the Diameter as 1 unit of length, and get an approximated value of 3.141…, which means that the diameter fits into its circular periphery 3 times and a bit.  
Fig 1
  For reasons that will be soon explained, traditional Pi is deficient because historically it has awkwardly used logical straight lines to measure illogical curvature. Thus, by using the highest level of mathematics known as Intuitive Maths, the True Value of Pi must be a bit more than anticipated to compensate for the mysterious “Area Under The Curve”. When this is done, the value, currently known as JainPi, = 3.144… can be derived, by knowing the precise Height of the Cheops Pyramid which is based on the Divine Phi Proportion (1.618…). Instead of setting our diameter at 1 unit or 1 square, something magical happens when we set the diameter at the diagonal length of a Double Square = 2.236… which is the Square Root of 5 (meaning 2.236… x 2.236… = 5). This is the critical part of the formula that derives Phi (1+√5)÷2, and was used by ancient vedic seers as their starting point to construct their most important diagram or ‘Yantra’ or power-art called the Sri Yantra. With a Root 5 diameter, the translation of the Phi’s formula into a geometric construct derives the royal Maltese Cross symbol, concluding that Phi is Pi, that Phi generates Pi, and that Pi must be derived with a knowledge of the Harmonics of Phi. When this is understood and utilized, we will collectively enter into a veritable Space Age.
Fig 2
  Simply put, Pi is the relationship of the Circle to the Square (Fig 2). It would be of special interest to learn that the square area of the Circle, when compared to the Square that surrounds it is in a direct Phi harmonic relationship. If the square is 1 unit, then the square area is 1×1 = 1 square unit. The square area of the circle is Pi times the radius squared:   π x r2 or  πr2 for short, and since the diameter is 1 unit then the radius is half of this making it = ½. Area therefore is  π x (½)2 =   π÷4 = .786… which is a harmonic of Phi. Instead of dividing the area of the circle into the area of the square, we could reverse this and divide the area of the square into the area of the circle and the answer is 1.272… which is the height of the Cheops Pyramid and also the Square Root of Phi, another inverse harmonic of Phi. This critical number is also the only known frequency that can Square The Circle or make the area of the circle equal to the area of the square, which is another way of expressing unification of the Heaven & Earth energies. Archimedes Fundamental Error: In all due good respects, we must first honour Archimedes of Syracuse 2,225 years ago, who gave the world his system on how to calculate Pi, approximated to 22÷7, by cutting the circle into say 16 slices of a pizza, and measuring the 16 edge lengths of these 16 triangular polygons (fig 3), to get a good estimate for the circumference of a circle. The idea was that if we kept making the slices of pizza smaller and smaller, by subsequently cutting the circle into 32 slices, then 64, then 128 then 256 slices, we would get a better and more accurate representation for the circumference. The Fundamental Flawed Logic or Error with Archimede’s Increasing Polygon Method was that he failed to measure The Area Under The Curve. In fact, he assumed that The Area Under The Curve, just magically disappeared. Even in his time, Archimedes admitted that his value was a mere estimate!
Fig 3
  Today, mathematicians would call these billions of straight lines The Limit, and is an integral part of modern day Calculus, that measures Areas Under The Curve, like the path of a cannon ball. Incidentally, our history of mathematics has a military inheritance and background, how to make the cannon ball fly further. Archimedes, our friend, designed weapons of war such as catapults, levers and “burning mirrors” to keep the Romans at bay. In the realm of physics he is best known for his discovery of buoyancy in hydrostatics, leaping from his bath and running naked down the street shouting “Eureka”. Ok, lets give more credit to Archimedes and give him a green tick to say that yes, the value of 3.1415… is a good approximation for pi, but it is only an approximation, his logic for that time was commendable, considering that they did not have calculators or computers, so we can say that his Pi is the Limit of Infinite Straight Lines, but does not account for the Area Under The Curve. It has always bothered me, since high school, that we use straight lines to measure a curved circle. When the True Value of Pi is globally recognized, new advances in Time Travel will be developed as the mathematical harmonic for the Circle-Square relationship will have been rectified correctly to infinite decimal places (fig 4). At this moment, year 2014, traditional pi (aka Legacy Pi or Deficient Pi) is in error in the 3rd decimal place. This prediction has already been made! by Billy Meier (born in 1937) and is the most controversial case in the UFO community.
Fig 4
  Billy Meier is a Swiss farmer in contact with Plearjen people (humans like you and me) since the age of 6. In Contact 251 ( it is stated : “In the process they will discover that the base for pi was miscalculated. By eliminating the error in pi, and correcting future computations based on pi, scientists and their amazing, highly developed technology will have the capability to make unimaginable energies accessible to the people of Earth”. We all love our mobile phones and the intelligent technology associated with it, though we suspect that something is just not right, that overuse of contact with these invisible micro-waves can fry our brain and cause cancers. In this analogy, JainPi is the new incoming frequency that will override or correct the current disharmonic application of traditional Pi. This correction or fine-tuning of True Pi’s Circle-Square relationshift will take humanity through the Eye of the Sun, non-destructive access to the higher physics and worlds. Though, it comes with a great caution and a question: Are we emotionally mature to journey to new frontiers through Time & Space? How responsible are we if we are seeking higher worlds and technologies, yet we are destroying and polluting this world, still emptying our sewerage into the pristine oceans! Any invention is only as good as the Consciousness of the Inventor. In the same way that the pyramids Amplify energy, if your Intent is not Pure or if your emotional body is out of whack, the ill-user will only amplify more greed, control, revenge, hate, anger and sickness. Though if you have love, the love will be amplified. This is why this Knowledge of 3.144ology is guarded; if it were an Entity, it would be waiting to meet the right person at the right time for the right reason.
Fig 5
  This is suggested and shown on the front cover of the book: “THE BOOK OF PHI, volume 8: sub-titled: The True Value of Pi, JainPi = Jπ = 4÷√ϕ = 3.144… ” where the cosmic archer has the numbers lined up and available on his Arrow, but he has not released the numbers yet to Humanity (fig 5); though soon, after True Pi is vilified, it will be adored, then accepted as common knowledge. The only thing in the way is the pride and arrogance of mathematicians who cannot conceive of such a notion that Pi could be anything else than what their books have instructed them to believe. It is their lack of understanding of Fractal Harmonics (based on the cascading proportions of the Fibonacci Sequence) which hinders them to comprehend the elegance of the geometric solution known as the Fairywand Method identical to Saint Germain’s Maltese Cross. Fractal Harmonics allows us to zoom forever into the Area Under The Curve and detect more infinitesimal Areas Under The Curve, concluding that old Pi is only an approximation, a limit of millions or billions of straight lines, that it is deficient, that the True Value of Pi must be a fraction more than we estimated, and that it must be based on Phi, The Golden Mean Harmonics. Thus 4 divided by the Square Root of Phi (1.272…) gives the correct frequency of 3.144… its really very simple. True Pi is like a crystalline seal or a Recoding ready to unlock, to override the old genetic imprint of degeneration, of lack and sickness. It will, in effect, spark a Process of Purification.
Fig 6
  Simply, there is a New Frequency (Fig 6) changing the face of this planet and entering the consciousness of all people. Things are getting corrected and a process of purification must take place for changes to come into effect. The correction of Old Pi, or Legacy Pi or Traditional Pi is part of this necessary brain-like surgery taking place, but rather than the removal of something, the operation is a Light Implant. Yet the real Key that opens the Door is the secret dimensions of the Cheops Pyramid in Gizeh, Egypt. It is the relationship of the 4 sides of the Pyramid’s base divided by the height that gives this value of 3.144… (The 3 dots “…” indicates that this number keeps on going forever, without any detectable repetition). Mathematically, the True Value of Pi is written as: JainPi = Jπ = 4÷√ϕ. JainPi to 50 decimal places (dp) is: = 3.14460551102969314427823434337183571809248823135089… notice how the first 4 digits “3144” repeat at the 15 dp. This secret Harmonic of Sri 3144 could be considered as a Pin Number for the Universe.
Fig 7
  Let the distance from the centre of the square base to the midpoint of the side be 1 unit (Fig 7). This is called the Apothem. This means that the perimeter of the square base is 2 x 4 = 8 units). The slope height of the pyramid, not the edge slope, is 1.618… or Phi. When you know 2 sides of a right-angle triangle, you apply Pythagoras’ Theorem and we can determine the height of the pyramid to be 1.272… which is the Square Root of Phi. In the world of Sacred Phiometry, this is the most special triangle linked to Fractal Harmonics. It was revered in ancient times. Pythagoras (circa BC500) had a main disciple circa BC300 by the name of Plato who ran an Academy. They understood that the x-ray vision of the internal geometries of this Cheop’s Pyramid was based on this important triangulation.
Fig 8
  It was therefore known as “Plato’s Most Beautiful Triangle” (fig 8), cleverly hidden inside the Cheop’s pyramid, having an Apothem of 1 unit, giving a slope height of Phi or 1.618… and giving the height of the pyramid as 1.272… or the Square Root of Phi, meaning, what number multiplied by itself will give 1.618033988…. the answer is 1.272… x 1.272… = 1.618… This number “1.272…” appears in our attempts to Square the Circle (Fig 9) meaning, if we have a square whose diameter is 1 unit, how much would we have to increase this diameter to create a Circle whose Circumference is equal to the Perimeter of this Square.
Fig 9
  My main proof for the True Value of Pi as 3.144… is an algebraic proof based on the Mystical Squaring of the Circle (Fig 9), but for this essay it is easier to give an equally important geometric proof. Many readers shut down when they hear the word “Algebra” even though it is a Star Language; it is safer and more illuminating to teach via the visual realm of Geometry, the feminine right-cortex of the brain.
Fig 10
  For all proofs, you can read about them in my main book: “THE BOOK OF PHI, volume 8: sub-titled: The True Value of Pi, JainPi = Jπ = 4÷√ϕ =3.144…” Before I introduce the main geometric proof, called The Fairywand Method, I have to introduce another infinitely non-ending irrational number, another seemingly scary square root entity by the name of “The Square Root of 5” (fig 11) absolutely critical to understanding the True Value of Pi and the basis of the upcoming Fairywand Method. Root 5 is part of the anointed Phi Formula (as shown in Fig 10). Root 5 (= 2.236…) is merely the diagonal of a rectangle having proportions 1×2. It is better to visualize this is a Double Square or Double Unit Cube.
Fig 11
  The ancients referred to Phi as a Precious Jewel: “Geometry has two great treasures: one is the Theorem of Pythagoras, and the other the Division of a Line into Extreme and Mean Ratio (the Divine Phi Proportion); the first we may compare to a measure of gold, the second we may name a precious jewel.” Johannes Kepler (1571–1630). Without Pythagoras’ Theorem (the fact that 32 + 42 = 52), we could not derive the Phi Value of 1.618… To know the length of the diagonal of the Double Square (Fig 11) we need to know the length of the two other sides, which are 1 unit and 2 units, and they must be in a 90 degree relationship. Calculating, 12 + 22 = we arrive at Root 5 (or √5 = 2.236…) for the diagonal. This value of Root 5 is the essential part of the Phi Formula (Fig 10) and therefore for the True Value of Pi.
Fig 12 Fig 13
  Seen here (Fig 12) is the Pharaoh Osiris seated upon a Double Square as if it is a statement that this Root 5-ness is secret and royal knowledge necessary to be guarded. Another representation of Root 5 comes from Exodus Chap 30, in the Christian bible, where Moses instructs Aaron to build an Altar of Incense based on the measurements of 1 cubit by 2 cubit (Fig 13) which is a Double Cube.

Fairywand Method

(The Cross Of Life or The Flower of Light Method): We first need to visualize a 1×1 or Unit Square in the middle section of a full circle whose diameter is Root 5 (see Figs 14 & 15), which gives us a reference point, allowing us to construct many Double Squares. This central Unit Square can also slide up and down to form a Double Square, it can also slide left and right to form another Double Square. Ultimately we will spin these infinitely possible Double Squares, like a roulette wheel, to make the unexpected Circle Of Pi. Have a look at the slanting diagonal AD in Fig 11, and visualize it now slightly rotated to the left, so that it stands vertical. It means that the upright diameter of our circle is The Square Root of 5 (Fig 11). The Fairywand Method (Figs 14 & 15) is merely the geometric interpretation of the Phi Formulae (1+ √5)÷2. We know the length of Root 5, which is the vertical diameter of the circle; we add 1 unit to this (which becomes the Handle of the Fairywand), giving us a combined length of (1+ √5). Now, the Phi Formula has a Division by Two (÷2) which is really the midpoint of this length. It turns out that the required midpoint, to complete the geometric translation of Phi, becomes a point on the Circle of Pi (shown as a red circle inside the original Unit Square that began all this geometry). It means that if we spun the double square around its centrepoint, like a roulette wheel and kept taking the millions of midpoints required, it would create the red circle within the central Unit Square.
Fig 14 Fig 15
  Surprisingly, Phi is Pi. Pi is the locus or path of Phi’s algebraic formula geometrized. It means also that we don’t even need to know about Pi, we can manage with just the Harmonics of Phi. Thus the True Value of Pi has to be based on Phi. This is where the height of the Cheops Pyramid comes in, as it is the Square Root of Phi  (√ϕ)= 1.272… The Pyramid is the only known shape that contains both Phi and Pi, that which is known as a Phi-Pi or PhiPi relationship. Phi is in the slope height (see Fig 7) and Pi is the Perimeter of the Base (of 8 units) divided by twice the vertical height = 3.144… All measurements in Fig 14 are Harmonics or Sub-Harmonics of Phi, and involve the entity of Root 5. If we used a diameter other than Root 5, none of the geometric magic could occur. It’s a finely tuned instrument or tool. I believe that this central or Inner Circle of Pi, this hi-tech device was designed to spin, like a wheel and was once used for star navigation. Actually, ancient Egyptian records show that the Pharaohs used a Maltese Cross-like device specifically for Navigation purposes, both for Land and for the Stars.
Fig 16a Fig 16b
  Whether or not you believe in ArchAngels or Arc-Angles, the question remains to be asked, why did this Maltese Cross get selected specifically for Royalty and also for Archangelic use, as typically seen on either the heart or above the head of Saint Germain, an Ascended Master aka The Comte de Saint Germain (Figs 16a & 16b). And hidden in the hills of the Hymalayas is “Saint Germain’s Etheric Retreat of the Maltese Cross”! It must be stressed that this Maltese Cross is not a Circle divided into 8 equally spaced points, but rather tuned precisely to Root 5. The correct Maltese Cross has a) – 4 curved ends (Fig 15) hinting at its relationship to Pi or Curvature b) – the diameter of its circle is Root 5 hinting at its relationship to Phi, and c) – an Inner Unit Circle that fits inside the original Unit Square of 1×1 (shown here as a red circle).
Fig 17
  Of particular interest is this Red Circle within the Unit Square of the Maltese Cross. It is seen clearly on Queen Elizabeth 2nd royal garment, a portrait done in 1968 (Fig 17). Her Majesty is shown in the robes of the Sovereign Head of the Order of St. John and wearing the Insignia of the Order which were made for Queen Victoria (portrait painted by Mr. Leonard Boden in 1968). The question that needs to be asked, is why would the most powerful woman in our current world, adopt or use the symbol of the Maltese Cross? Is it because it captures the coveted frequency of the True Value of Pi? It sets the Royalty apart from the muggles living in a disharmonic reality, and thus gives them a certain power of rulership. That is why education of the masses is important for real global change, for people to realize that a symbol only means what it is programmed to mean and is potentized by mathematical precision, and if enough people focus their Pure Intent for Unity and Equity, then thy Will will be done.
Fig 18a Fig 18b Fig 18c
  Here are 3 more images highlighting the association of the Maltese Cross (True Value of Pi) to royalty. – Fig 18a shows Pope Benedictine XV1 wearing the Maltese Cross on a chest sash over his ecclesiastical robe. – Fig 18b shows a Prussian cross with a central golden circle in the correct placement that is symbolic of the True Value of Pi. – Fig 18c shows a typical royal golden crown surmounted by a proud white Maltese Cross. It sits above a sphere which is symbolic of the world indicating its supremacy over world matters. Jain 108 Jain 108 About The Author: Jain is an international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics. He has taught thousands of adults and children all over Australia in his program called Mathemagics that teaches the translation of Number Sequences into Atomic Art.His main book “Art of Number” is a comprehensive summary of all the rare da-Vinci-code-like patterns and sequences that are currently being uploaded to be made available as a global Online Curriculum, the beginnings of a Sacred Geometry University.   His revelation into the True Value of Pi was a result of 30 years of avid investigation into the Phi Mysteries, and comes as a timely Gift to Humanity. This rare book, The BOOK OF PHI, volume 8, is available now. To order it, click on this link:   OUTLINE of This ARTICLE:     13 Bullets of Fact.     Definition of Pi: The Circle-Square complex is simply a Phi (maths of nature) relationship.     The Fundamental Error with Archimede’s Increasing Polygon Method.     What happened to the Area Under The Curve.     Billy Meier Prophecy, that Pi was miscalculated, and when corrected, we collectively steer towards a Space Age.     True Pi and the Purpose of Pure Intent.     Fractal Harmonics.     Cheop’s Pyramid, 4 sides divided by the Height of 1.272… gives 3.144… True Value of  Pi is written as: JainPi = Jπ = 4÷√ϕ.     A basic understanding of Pythagoras’ Theorem is needed.     “Plato’s Most Beautiful Triangle”.     “The Square Root of Phi” (√ϕ) & “The Square Root of 5” (√5).     The Correct Maltese Cross has curved ends.     The Double Square and The Double Cube as seen in the Seat of Osiris and Moses’ Altar of Incense.     The Fairywand Method: the geometric interpretation of the Phi Formulae: (1+√5)÷2 is an irrefutable proof. Essentially proving that Phi is Pi.     Maltese Cross as a dominant symbol for the Queen, the Pope and most Royalties, and used by the Egyptian seers as an ancient high-tech Navigation Device.


TIME TO WAKE UP to a New Frequency

  • JAinPi = True Pi = New Pi = 3.144605511… Symbolically, this is about correcting the old DisHarmonic Frequency known as Old Pi, Traditional Pi, Deficient Pi, Legacy Pi etc (= 3.141…). Thus, to express this, I have created an Alarm Clock, to represent this new time, this new Frequency, shown above as 3:14:46 or 3hrs / 14 mins / 46 secs. By chance, it happened that the green hour hand and the red second hand are almost in a perfect line of the diameter which cuts the full circle in half! This bisection or halving can represent the split in time between the old and the new, the dark and the light etc
  • At the tips of the 3 hands are little triangular pointers or arrows which are done precisely in the shape of the Golden Triangle, having proportions 1:ϕ
  • nb: The Pentacle or 5-Pointed Star has 5 Golden Triangles or triangular emanations.
  • Inside the wheel or circle of the clock are 2 smaller wheels, each one containing yet another Time Code or sacred Frequency, both relevant to JainPi, since Pi is based on Phi (1:ϕ or 1:1.618…) and the value of 3.144… is specifically derived from the equation: (JainPi = Jπ = 4÷√ϕ = 4 divided by the Square Root of Phi (√ϕ) which is 1.2720…
  • The top inner circle has the cosmic Time of: 1:6:18 which means 1 hr / 6 mins / 18 secs.
  • The bottom inner circle has the cosmic Time of: 1:27:20 which means 1 hr / 27 mins / 20 secs.
  • The outer border around the clock is a Phi Rectangle (1:ϕ or 1:1.618…)


ON JAINPI 2006 I will be releasing a new body of work that gives the True Value of Pi, based on the Harmonics of Phi (1.618033… “ϕ“), a value close to 3.144… The ancient Mathematics masters have always known that the two most important transcendental numbers Pi and Phi are intimately related. As shown on this website, The Book of Phi, volumes 1 and 2 are available, but the upcoming, unpublished volumes of 3 and 4 will reveal this Pi Phi Connection and how 3.144… is derived from the Square Root of Phi (1.272… “√ϕ”). These two books, THE BOOK OF PHI volumes 3 and 4 are based on the 24 Repeating Pattern of the Digitally Compressed Fibonacci Sequence that encodes the Frequency of 108, that anointed Vedic Number sonically encrypted in the prayers for enlightenment known as the Gayatri Mantra (having 24 syllables and a sanskrit alpha-numeric gematria of 108). These two books will be released with a companion dvd that will help fully explain this rare information. Visualize a Hexagon in the Circle which has 6 straight lined chords. The relationship of one of these chords to the corresponding curve of the circle, is the issue at hand, and under attack. Fractal Mathematics and Nano-Technology shows that there is always an Area Under The Curve, so no matter how many times we subdivide the circle into smaller and smaller polygons, we only ever reach the limit of the circle. So yes, we can give a green tick to the “Limit of the Circle” as equalling the traditional value of Pi as 3.141592… but this does not account for the infinitesmal area under the curve that just does not disappear, forcing us to conclude that the true value of Pi must be a fraction more that what we thought it was, a microscopic more than we anticipated. This is why NASA are using a secret value of Pi that is a fraction more than the traditional value of pi. It is encoded in the mathematics of the Cheops Pyramid. Jain Of Oz’s book on the True Value of Pi shakes the whole foundation of Western Mathematics. In fact, all the Mathematics books have to be rewritten, even related areas like that of radian measure and Euler’s Identity. What will happen now is that the top Mathematicians from the West will be invited to meet the top Mathematicians from the East. An International Conference or Forum is brewing, to determine the final and eternal Truth of Pi that the Ancients knew. It is in the mass consciousness that the eternal relationship of the Circle to its Diameter (which is really relevant to the Square) is 3 .1415… The slice of  Pi that we have been served is off and disharmonic. Also, to the dismay of all the Circle-Squarers, we have been told incorrectly for thousands of years that You Can Not Equate the Square’s Circumference to the Circle’s Circumference, nor Equate the Area of a Circle to the Area of a Square, ie: The Mystical Squaring of the Circle. But now, believe that it can be done. Ignore all the bad press on Pi and Phi. I (Jain) have been waiting for 30 years for this material to emerge. Intuitively knowing all these years that Pi was miscalculated, that was why I had never written about for 30 years, as I was switched off by the error. I therefore had focussed my whole attention on the Phi Ratio (1:1.618033… the mathematics of where the elbow bends in proportion to the length of the whole arm etc). Soon, I will be releasing the new maths that has emerged linking the relationship of Pi and Phi. As most scholars know, the only 3-Dimensional symbol that contains Pi and Phi is the Cheops Pyramid of Egypt, that really is the invisible sacred geometry of Light. Stay tuned for an article on this most controversial issue that challenges the whole foundation of western based mathematics. Books, articles, lectures, dvds and powerpoint presentations will follow to finally set the record straight so we can advance humanity and shake off the shackles that bind the populations. Whilst reading Bharati Krsna Tirthaji’s book on Vedic Mathematics he hinted that the secret pattern in determining the Pi ratio was based on 32. Many scholars thought there was some hidden recursion in the infinite decimal, like at every 32 decimal places, but no, the final revealed secret for Determining Pi is based on division of the Circle into 16 distinct parts (half of 32), based on a very important trinity relationship of 3 tangential circles (by Erlandsen, from that remarkably generates the Phi Ratio: Thus, consider that 3.141592…. an approximation to π, is really the perimeter of the inscribed polygon with 192 sides and above. The circle is the limit for the inscribed polygon. In this light, we can dub Old Pi as Traditional Pi or Legacy Pi or Disharmonic Pi or Deficient Pi, to distinguish it from the New Frequency, the True Value of Pi that we are just about to Experience. The difference between the 2,200 year old Archimedean method and the proposed method called JainPi is simple. Archimedes has adopted the Polygon–Circle system. The newly proposed method involves a highly intelligent and sophisticated Root 5 Circle-Square system. 3.141592… is a good logical approximation, but 3.144… is an accurate approximation: (JainPi = Jπ = 4÷√ϕ = 3.144… or 4 divided by the square root of Phi).   JAIN of OZ’s (AUSTRALIA) VALUE of PI is BASED on the SQUARE ROOT of PHI giving the long awaited and corrected value of Pi as: JainPi = Jπ = 4÷√ϕ to 50 decimal places (dp) is: 3.14460551102969314427823434337183571809248823135089… Notice how the first 4 digits “3144” repeat at the 15 dp. This secret Harmonic of Sri 3144 could be considered as a Pin Number for the Universe.   (This is similar to the value of Pi used by NASA which is higher than the traditional value of Pi. Sources of information claim that NASA are secretly using another Time System based not on 24 hours in a day, but on 27 hours + another value of Pi which is higher in the range of 3.142 to 3.145… The rumour goes that the mooncraft would have missed their targetted site by 20 kms had they used the false and traditional value of Pi as 3.141592, so to make the correction necessary for the mooncraft to land successfully on their target (if it ever really happened!) NASA were forced to increase the value of Pi). Rare, highly controversial and never before published material: Jain 06-06-06 Mullumbimby Creek.
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Jain is an international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics.
He has also taught thousands of children all over Australia and overseas in his program called “Mathemagics” that teaches the translation of Number Sequences into Atomic Art. Currently, Jain has set up a school in Singapore called The Joy Of Numbers Institute, its website is being constructed now.



Jain 108’s 21st Century Curriculum

Event Types: After School Classes and Workshops

Invites You and  Your Child to:

Translate Numbers Into Art.

A new Steinerism developed by Jain 108 that shows the mathematical origins of our sacred symbols based on the Phi Spiral, Ram’s Horn, Torus, Pentagon and Fibonacci Sequence: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144…

Understand what Fractal means: When the Inside is Self-Similar to the Outside, and Scale Invariant.

Discover the hidden 108 Pattern in the Fibonacci Sequence

Starkidz will learn the Sacred Geometry of Triangles, Tetrahedrons, Cubes, Star of Davids, Pentagons, Uni-Cursal Hexagrams and Fractality and much more.

This New Millennium Maths is the emerging Curriculum for the Earthheart School or Sacred Geometry Miniversity.

Certificate Accredited Courses each School Term.

Mathemagics  For StarKidz
(5 to 8 years old)

Mathemagics For Juniors (9 to 12 years old)

Subject: Sacred Number and Mathematics Of the Soul

Mathemagics For Keen Teens + Adults (13 to 19 years old + Adults)

Subject: Sacred Number and Mathematics Of the Soul




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