These sacred amulets or sigils were used and worn in ancient times to enhance personal well-being, protection, prosperity, love and harmony in one’s life.
Traditionally, these “Tables of the Sun” were carved on metal, specifically Gold, to enhance its solar qualities.
Your unique Geometric Shield is protected with a ring of Ancient Script. This outer Ring,  blessed with an infusion of celestial script, acts as an amplifier of the sacred geometries encoded within.


100% Hand-Drawn by

 JAIN 108


Your Soul Signature is a Geometric interpretation of your Name and Birthdate plugged into a specific Magic Square of 6×6 or Sun Code that emits a frequency of 111, a veritable Unity Code. This rare and Beautiful translation of Number Into Art, with hand-drawn geometries and colour infusion by Jain 108 makes your personal Yantram worthy to be framed or placed on a personal altar

CORPORATE LOGOS for your BUSINESS NAMES are also available.

Here are 6 examples of previously hand-architectured
Soul Signatures also known as your



A3 sized SOUL SIGNATURE: $2,016
drawn on high quality Art-Paper 210 gsm

(nb: For this price, you can also have Jain send to you the electronic file that is a copy of your Soul Signature, for whatever purpose you may need, for reprinting or sharing etc).

Size A3 = 297 x 420mm, or 11.69 x 16.54 inches.
Size A4 = 210 x 297mm, or 8.27 x 11.69 inches

This Soul Signature (A3 size) is hand drawn on high quality art paper. Price includes postage and some explanation sheets.

This Soul Signature (A4 size and valued at $1,111) is hand drawn on high quality art paper. Price includes postage and some explanation sheets.

When you make your internet order, can you make a special note or email Jain personally, to give him the following information:
1 – Your Birthdate.
2 – Your Name. It can be your legal Name on your Birth Certificate, but Jain prefers to use a name that is short, like your first name and last name, not with a middle name,  or you may want to use an affectionate name or nickname.
3 – A photo of yourSelf so that Jain can tune into your Higher Self.

This price covers 2 days of work for Jain to create your personal Seal: to draw the Geometries and to add infusion of colour and ancient script creativity.
nb: no computers are used at any stage.

This is one of 9 magic squares painted on large 3m x 3m banners, using fluorescent fabric paint on cotton, as part of Jain’s “Theatre of the Holy Numbers Exhibition”. Hand-painted by Jain in 1986, Upper Dingo Creek, mid coast N.S.W.
It is a Magic Square of 6×6 whose pattern from 1 to 2 to 3 to the last number has been rotated or super-imposed upon itself quatre-fois (4 times) to generate this highly symmetrical pattern.
(The banner has been cut to form a 6×6 robe, having the numbers on the back, so that this subject could be taught theatrically by “wearing the knowledge” therefore making it very visually exciting for children (some with learning disabilities, and dyslexia) to learn and love the Language of Mathematics.

According to the Qabbalistic Tree of Life teachings, magic squares of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 have planetary attributes, meaning they relate to the 7 known planets, in order from their furthest distance from the sun,  M.Sq of 3 = Saturn, M.Sq of 4 = Jupiter, M.Sq of 5 = Mars, M.Sq of 6 =Sun, M.Sq of 7 = Venus, M.Sq of 8 = Mercury and M.Sq of 9 = Moon. Though, in the Vedic tradition, the magic square of the Sun is “1”, not “6” so due to these various planetary and number attributes, there does not exist a universal system, so this system that I propose in the Book of Arithmases, goes beyond all cultures and is based on the Universal Language of Pure Mathematics especially on the 6×6 squares whose magic sum or constant is 111, thus emanating a field descriptive of Unity Consciousness.
Symbolically, in Jain’s Theatre of the Holy Numbers, where the 7 large banners or tapestries are displayed on gallery walls, or when dancers are wearing these magic square robes that represent the various planets, they are embodying the whole solar system. Also, young students enjoy learning mathematics via this visual medium of art and theatre.

Many people are asking which of the 3 Sun Codes that Jain is using, as there are millions of Magic Squares of 6×6 to choose from, but I can hint that the image above shows one of these selected Sun Codes. You see, not all rotated magic squares make exquisite patterns, so it has taken about 30 years of careful study and investigation, without the use of computers, to select the most symmetrically aligned patterns.

BOOKS (& ebooks and Decals and Dvds) ON MAGIC SQUARES:
To know more about this fascinating subject on Magic Squares, have a look at the four books already published and available here on this website.
The series is: THE BOOK OF MAGIC SQUARES, volumes 1, 2, and 3

Here is the front cover:

dvd by Jain


Additional information

Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 43 × 27 × 1 cm


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