Divine Phi Proportion (4 of 5 of the 5 DVD SET)


Contents: Accessing Infinity; True Pi; Breathing From Above & Below; Earth Heart Meditation; Beyond Time & Space; Filius Bonacci; Rabbit Riddle; Number Sequence; Drone Bee Genealogy; Nature’s Golden Number; Phylotaxis; Pine Cone; Fish; Nature’s Law Of Economy; Un-natural Spirals; Sunflower Code; Image Of God; Sacred Architecture; Pergoda Temple; Greek Architecture; Vitruvius Man; Handy Codes; Proportions Of The Buddha; Biometrics; Perfect Proportion; Light Pathways; Business Structure; Fibonacci Numbers; Galactic & Atomic Memory; Plotting Numbers; Grand Secrets; The Divine Proportion; Universal Standard; The Pentacle; Rose Windows; Path Of The Planets; Shapes Of Sound; Extinct Starfish; Art Forms In Nature; Spiral Shaped Skull; The Key To Time Travel; Perfect Golden Rectangle; Four Eyes Of The Golden Mean Spiral; Nautilus Shell; First Drawings; Rotating The Spiral; Compression Of The Spiral; Veil Of Fear; Symbol Of The Heart; Spiral Galaxy; Microscopic Spirals; Crop Circle; Point Of Creation; Principle Of Implosion; Pyramid Pi; Mathematics Of DNA; Geometry In DNA; DNA Anomaly; Language Of Light;

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