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August 2017


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beautiful ceramic disks containing the zen poem "Earth Earth Earth" by Jain 108 of Mullumbimby, and created as a clay disk by Bozana To contact Bozana you can email Jain first, to custom order other

VESICA PISCES – The Mother Of All Form, Part 1 of 2

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Hello Website Visitor, If you can't see any graphics in this newsletter, please click on this link, or copy and paste it your browser to read this article: http://www.jainmathemagics.com/newsletter_archives.asp?offset=0 VESICA PISCES  The MOTHER Of ALL

July 2017

Jain 108 Favourite Links and Resources

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LINKS FOR JAIN'S WEBSITE Here is a list of some of my favourite websites, for your general perusal.   PHI,  DIVINE PROPORTION, GOLDEN MEAN LINKS http://goldennumber.net/ http://www.phimatrix.com/ Gary B. Meisner http://www.goldenmean.info/ Dan Winters site on